1937 – State Public Library was established. Aleksandras Kripas who was a teacher in Pakruojis Elementary school, had become the first manager of the library. At the end of the year 1937, 1000 units of documents had been found in the library’s fund; there had been 100 customers.

1940 – During the library’s tree years of work it had no significant cultural impact on the community.

1940 – Occupation of the Lithuania changed the work of the library: purge of a fund had started; the previous examples of literature had been changed to the ones which would agree with the Soviet ideology.

1941 – During the war the library was closed; many books disappeared.

1944 – After the front passed, library’s work once again started. In the year 1944 it lacked qualified specialists, employees were changing a lot. The book fund had been comprised of no more than 2000 units of documents. Periodical publications had not been gathered.

1950 - Pakruojis became the centre of the district giving the library district meaning. There had been 500 costumers; in the fund there had been 4000 units of documents. The premises of the library belonged to a private owner (currently the square near the bookstore). Village libraries had started to be established. In 1953 there were 8 village libraries, in 1954 – 10, and in 1957 – 15. When a public library was granted with district library status, the new form of work had started, meaning that methodical management in village libraries had been established.

1961 – With a new building of Recreation centre in Pakruojis, the library had moved to those premises.

1977 – All the district libraries were united to a centralized system. Pakruojis District Library had been named as Central District Library with 6 departments and 36 branches.

1996 - According Pakruojis District Council decision, the library had been changed to Pakruojis District Municipal Public Library. At the same year the public library were given the right for economical independence which lets to use the received incomes rationally and purposefully.

1998 – The old dream of a new library’s building for its customers and employees came true. After 40 years in the premises of Recreation centre, in the year 1998 in October the library moved to a newly repaired premises in Vytauto Didžiojo str., no: 41. At the same year according the decision of the District Management, the library had been awarded with a name of a fellow-countryman and a writer Juozas Paukštelis.

2000 – The Swedish Society for Nature Conservation from Sweden town on Mariestad donated one computer with its equipment to the library. It had been the first computer devoted to customers.

Currently Juozas Paukstelis Public Library is comprised of 2 departments, and 22 branches in villages and Linkuva town. There are 44 employees. Every year there are 7000 constant customers. The fund of the library is composed of 215.1 thousands of documents. Book introductions, literature exhibitions, other events related with he popularization of books are constantly organized. In the public library internet usage room and foreign languages learning centre are operating. More than 10 district branches have public internet access. A modern library is to be created which is gaining the role as a community information, culture and self-education centre.